Saturday, December 15, 2012



So I have 6 months left to enjoy my 20's before I officially have to say good by to them and enter my 30's. I already feel myself getting old. I told a friend recently that I thought I might have a many midlife crisis when I turn 30 because so many things I had planned or thought would have already happen in my life by the age of 30 hasnt happened yet and most wont happen by then. One big one is I thought I would be married by 30 but as we all know I am not nor do I even have a man in my life to start thinking about marriage with. My dad and my aunt always said I was not allowed to get married till I was at least 30 so I mean I at least listen (even though not on purpose) to one rule that was given to me when I was younger. LOL So I am going to enjoy these last 6 months of my 20's to the fullest all while remembering everything that has happened in the last 10 years and the person that I have become!

Chloe :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Many Faces of Me

So I have gone a little overboard on taking pics of myself lately but I have learn a many new faces of me! HAHA So I thought I would share some of the many face of me with you! I know it means this is a stupid blog and I am not updating you on my life but after Christmas and London I will have so much to write about! 

Chloe :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Long Over Due

Hey Everyone!!!

I has been a month since I last posted a blog and let me tell you boy have I been busy! Basketball is now in full swing and we have had 5 games! My girls are 3-2 and I am so excited to see where the rest of this season is going to go! This team is such a great group of girls that I really enjoy being around and working with!! We have 2 more games before Christmas break and I am hoping to go into the break with a 5-2 record!! 

For Thanksgiving I ended up getting 3 days off so I went down to Erin and James house to spend it with them and the rest of the Strouse clan! It was so nice to get away for a few days and be with some great friends. They had so much yummy food that I felt like I didnt need to eat for like 2 days after! I loved spending time with them and hearing all about the honeymoon and see the pictures! It was just a really nice and relaxing time! 

Last year I went shopping on black  friday and this year I did not. I just hungout at Erin and James house, ate some food and watched the Big bang Theory (This is one of our favorite tv shows to watch together). I also couldnt go black friday shopping because I didnt have bec my shopping partner! I got the chance to meet my aunt for a late lunch also on Friday and she was driving back from the mountains to Durham. It was very nice to see her since I had not since the weekend I moved here! I cant wait to go home for Christmas and be able to see everyone else!! 

Now we are into the month of Dec and I am so excited! It is the Christmas season and Christmas music is on in my car, I have put up some decorations in my house and starting to look into what I want to get people for Christmas. This holiday was my Daddy's favorite and it is also mine! I def want to enjoy this holiday to its fullest the same way he always did!! I am alos excited about Dec because it means that I get to go to London this month!! Yes I am going to  London Dec 26-Jan 2 and I cannot wait. This is one of those amazing adventures that is coming from working for Varsity! This company has given me chances to see places I am not sure I would ever have! It also means that in 2 weeks I will be home for 6 straight days before I take off!! So this is def a month I am excited about!!

So thats a quick update on my life and what has been going on. I sure hope to blog a little more often but I know I will have a nice long new blog for you when I get back from London. So I hope everyone has a great Holiday season and enjoys all the time you get to spend with friends and family!!

Chloe :) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cooking at Home

So last weekend I decided that I was going to start cooking my meals for the week on Sunday that way I wasnt eating late at night or eating out so much. I also thought this was a good idea since I am at work till at least 8pm every night and some nights my last practice doesnt even start till 8-9pm. So cooking meals on Sunday night makes  it easy for me to take my dinner with me to work in the morning and I do not have to go out and buy lunch or dinner anymore!! Since I am doing this I have decided to finally try some of the million recipes I have pinned on Pinterest. Last weekend I made a chicken/broccoli casserole that was so yummy!! I think I ate it like 5 days last week and every time I heated it up in the office someone was like that smells so good and let me tell you it tasted better than it smelt! I really wish I had taken a pic of it so everyone could have seem how yummy it looked!! I also made a mini meatloaf with mashed potatoes last week also so I could have some variety in what I was eating during the week. 

This week I am making 2 recipes off of Pinterest. One is a crockpot loaded bake potato soup. It has been a process in making this soup and I made enough for an army....meaning I will be freezing some of it to eat again at a later date so I dont have to take all day making it again (at least not anytime soon). I have tasted it and it is good but does not have everything in it yet because the bacon and cheese go on it when you are ready to eat it. I am also making a chicken tortilla bake. It only has 5 ingredients which is one reason why I am making it because it is cheap!! All you need is chicken, corn tortillas, rotel, Mexican cheese and cream of chicken soup. It is in the oven as I type this so I will have to let you know at a later date how it taste! So I am ready to start a new week with all my meals ready for the week!! I also made oatmeal butterscotch cookies today from scratch! Now these are so yummy, I have already had 4 today! I am going to be a nice coworker and take some in the work tomorrow to share with my coworkers (the recipe also made like 30 cookies) and I dont want to eat them all by myself!! This was also a recipe I found on Pinterest! So thank you Pinterest for helping with my goal of eating out less while working all the time! Hope everyone has a great week!! I at least know I will eat well all week!! I am sure over the next few weeks I will be trying some more new recipes off of Pinterest and next time I will take pics to share with you!! 

Chloe :) 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall in the Mountains

So let me start out by saying I grew up in a place where we had all 4 seasons and I am used to seeing the leaves changing colors and actually enjoying fall. But I have never seen fall and the leaves changing the way I have this year! Fall is beautiful in the mountains!! Seeing just the miles of color on a mountain and everywhere you look you just see all the beautiful reds, oranges, yellows and is just amazing!! Now the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and beauty is slowly disappearing but I am so glad that I got to experience it! If you have never been able to see the mountains in the fall you are more than welcomed to come visit me next year and enjoy the beauty that is here! I have taken some pics of what I have seen, yes I was driving every time I took a pic but I promise I was safe about it!! I hope you enjoy the pics and I would love for some of you to come visit me soon!! Now off to basketball practice!! 

Chloe :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hey Everyone!

So today I had a much needed day off! I had worked 19 straight days and my body and sanity needed this day!! I had a nice todo list that I wanted to get done today and well lets just say I only did 2 of the things on this list! haha so I still havent cleaned out my car or vacuumed it meaning that yes their is still glass in it from when my car got broken into on Aug 1st :) and I still havent gotten my oil changed haha but they were not important things to me today! The most important thing to me was today was a hair cut! I havent had my hair cut since the first week of June and I thought that it was time I needed it and I thought that I deserved it also! For those of you that really know me know that my hair is always long (and yes it is still long) but before I went into the hair salon today my hair was half way down my back if not a little longer and when I walked out it is about an inch or 2 below my shoulders. I think she took like 3-4 inches off and I love it! I talked to her about taking more off but she said no! I laughed and she told me that I had beautiful and that a lot of people would die for and she would not cut it short! Which I am totally ok with because I know I would cry and be totally upset with myself and her if she actually let me do it! I have lots of fun layers in it now, my bangs are back and it just looks so health! I love it! She also showed me that I would actually look really cute if I got real bangs cut (so this might be something I try in the near future to change things up a bit). I also got my nails done today!! I am going on month #2 of not biting! It is so exciting to know that I just broke this habit (at the moment) just because I wanted too. No fake nails needed! I am still working on them being strong and not breaking when they get to a certain length but that will come with time. The longest I have ever gone without biting is 6 months and this time I want to not only break the 6 month mark but I want to break the habit all together!! So those are the 2 things off my todo list that actually got done today :) but I think after the busy schedule I have had that pampering myself and just taking care of me today was much needed and deserved!! Basketball season officially starts for me on Monday so I needed a little me time before it gets into full swing! Next big break I will get is Christmas when I am going to London!! ahhh so far away but I cant wait!! Hope everyone is doing well I will try and find a more interesting topic to write about next time!! Thanks for reading :)

Chloe :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life Update

Hey everyone, So my life is starting to get really crazy now! All 3 of my sports are practicing and in a little over a week basketball will be in full swing. Basketball practice starts Oct 15, Softball started their fall season last week and they play their first game this weekend and cheerleading has been going strong for the last month and a half. I put together my calendar for the month of Oct, highlighted all my practices and games (each team has their own color as always) and well I do not actually have a day off the whole month. Some how i ended up with teams that do not have the same off days so I am working all 31 days of the month (as of right now). Thankfully my coworkers dont want me to kill myself so tomorrow at our staff meeting we are going to figure out a day or 2 this month that I can have fully off. I mean I do not mind not having a day off because I like all of my teams and I feel like the only way I am going to build trust and a relationship with them is if I am always around and they know I care and am here for them. But I guess if they give me a day I should take it so I can at least get my laundry done and stuff like that. haha I am hoping that even though my life is getting very busy and crazy that some of my friends will finally come and visit me and see this new place that I live! Their are def things around here that I would love to go and do and it would be great if I could do it with some of my best friends! So friends that are reading this please lets make some plans so I can show you around my new place!! Ok well I just wanted to catch everyone up on my life and why I have been MIA and not blogging very much. Hopefully I will be able to find time again sometime soon to let you know how life is going here in the mountains of TN! Thanks for reading and keep checking back to see what is going on in my crazy, busy, hectic life!! 

Chloe :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Weekend Another Wedding

This past weekend another friend of mine went from single life to married life!! My friend B took the plunge and got married!! It was a very pretty wedding and she looked gorgeous!! At first I thought I wasnt going to be able to go to the wedding due to work but it ended up working out in my favor and I was able to attend! I was so very excited that she wanted to include me in her very special day!! I love weddings and the fact that my friends are finding the people they want to spend the rest of their lives with but I am hoping I am done with weddings just for a little while!! Even hoping that maybe the next wedding I attend I will be able to have a boyfriend of my own that I can take with me....haha well the last part isnt that important! But B's wedding was beautiful and I had fun!! I only took a couple pics at the wedding but here are the few I took!! Hope you enjoy!!

Chloe :) 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photo Booth Fun

So last weekend at Erin and James wedding they had a photo booth set up for us to take pics in. Their were a lot of different props we could use and I do believe we found a way to fit as many people as we could in the pics. I think I went a little over board with the photo booth! I have 11 (yes I said 11) strips of pics from the photo booth and I know their are at least 3 more that I was in and did not get a copy of haha So I can honestly say that I loved it and well I just like to take pics and when I can make them tons of fun I love them even more! One really cool thing about the photo booth is that it printed 2 copies of the pics. You got to keep one copy and the other copy was put into a scrapbook for the happy couple and you could write a note of message to them along with the pic. So I thought I would share with you guys the wonderful photo booth pics that I have and some of them are very very funny!! I think the photo booth is a great idea at weddings and turning all the pics into a fun photo memory scrapbook to show them how much fun their guest had at their wedding!! I sure hope they enjoy all the pics and the photo booth as much as I did!! 

Chloe :) 

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Wedding Event of The Year!!

So last weekend one of my very best friends got married and it was such an AMAZING weekend!! Lots of my amazing second family, that I do not get to see very often, came in for the event and we got to spend 4 days together!! We just had so much fun and enjoyed celebrating such a special day with special people! It was a beautiful wedding!! Erin looked BEAUTIFUL and James looked so handsome in his kilt! I am so excited that I got to share in their beautiful day!! The weekend was amazing and so much fun was had that I think the blog would be like 10 pages long, so I am just going to share some of my favorite pics from the weekend with you guys so you can see the fun from behind my camera :) Congrats Erin and James on the wedding and next chapter in your life together!! I am so happy for you guys!! 

Chloe :)

P.S. I cant add some of my favorite pics from the wedding because they are coming up sideways and I cant figure out how to rotate it on my blog :( Oh well enjoy the ones I can share!

Monday, September 3, 2012


London at night

So this past week I found out some exciting news...that I would be returning to LONDON for New Years!! I will be going to work the New Years day parade that they have in London and Varsity takes lots of All American cheereladers to perform in this parade. When I got the call inviting me I was really worried that I might not be able to go because of my big girl job (Women's Basketball is one of my sports and well they only take a few days off for Christmas). But I talked to my boss and she told me I had to go, so I am so excited that I am getting to go back!! I havent been to London since 2007/2008 and I know things have changed. I cant wait to take the Tube (subway) and here the voice on the sound system say over and over again please mind the gap. haha I am so excited to check out stuff from the Olympics and just see things I have never seen before or have and want to see again! I am still a couple months away from my trip but I cant wait to meet my group and get to enjoy another New Years on the other side of the pond! I am also very excited about some of the people that are also making the trip! Ahhh it is going to be one of the best New Years yet with some of my great second family!! I am cant wait to take lots of pics and share them with you!! As we get closer to the trip I am sure I will post about the different things I am going to get to do while I am there!! Thank you so much Varsity for another chance to make great life long memories in one of my most favorite cities in the world!! London see you in late Dec!!

Buckingham Palace
The London Bridge right outside our hotel!
Chloe :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bestie is Moving to Tennessee

So I am so excited about my Bestie (Katie) moving from Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN I thought I needed to blog about it! Katie and I have been friends since 2007. We met through Varsity at Disney world working nationals. Lets just say the first time we ever met each other is a very funny story but I will not share it on here, I will just say it involved a very fun night at the Allstar resort and I did not remember meeting her the next day. So I am pretty sure she thought I was nuts and did not think she would ever really talk to me but little did we both know that almost 6 years later we would be best friends and finally living in the same state. This past winter was the first time I had seen Katie in like 4 years but we talked and texted all the time and made sure that we kept up with each others lives! I can honestly say that she is one of those people that no matter how often we see each other or even talk it just seems like we pick right back up where we left off when we finally do! She is really one of my very best friends, knows just what to say to me in any situation (weather I really want to hear it or not) and I know she is always there for me! So as of tomorrow we will both live in Tennessee which makes me very excited (even though we will still be separated by 7hours) I live on the very eastern point of Tennessee almost in VA and she lives in the most Western point of TN almost in AR. But we are way closer than Durham, NC and Dallas, TX how we have been for the past 5 years! So congrats Katie on your new job at Varsity and this new chapter in your life! I cant wait to come visit and for you to come visit me! We will no longer see each other every few years! Hopefully we will be seeing each other every few months now!! 

Chloe :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Fun

So this past weekend I ventured out into this new place that I live. I started my Sat at the Application County Fair. Heading out to the fair I just knew this was going to be a totally different experience then the state fair in NC. And well I was not disappointed. I do not believe I have ever been in one place with so many women that did not have a bra on (and most of these women without bras were very well endowed) and should have had a bra on. So that was the first big difference I noticed (sorry no pics). It was also very small but that is to be expected for a county fair vs a state fair. Another difference was the fact that the fair was right next to a cemetery. Now that was something very new to me because you can not see a cemetery from the top of the farris wheel in Raleigh. But I had a fun time at the fair! Even road a mechanical bull for the first and it was fun! After the fair on Sat I went to B's lingerie party. I got to meet some new people and celebrate B wedding a little! I def had a great sat and enjoyed venturing out a little and trying to learn a little more about my new home! I still have a lot to learn about this area and how to get around but I am starting to enjoy it here and enjoying the change from big city life to little cities and some country living. I still miss NC very much and miss Big City life! I will always be a big city girl at heart and I will ALWAYS be a NC girl! But life in this new place is starting out great and I am ready to see what other type of adventures are in store for me here! So everyone come and visit and do some exploring with me!! Below is the start to finish of my bull ride. Hope you enjoy!!

Chloe :)