Friday, March 14, 2014

Softball Season

Well softball season is in full force! This is my favorite time of year and love I love being outside! I also have officially said goodbye to my weekends since we play every weekend! But I enjoy being with this team so it doesn't bother me much! The season so far has been ups and downs but I have faith that this team will pull it together when the time is right! I don't take pics often but here are the 3 I have taken from the first half of the season!! Now time to get going in conference and find a way to get another conference championship under our belt! 

Chloe :) 
2 of my favorites 

Tennis ball game...a pre game tradition

Ice baths are their favorites

Sunday, February 23, 2014


So this winter I have seen more than enough snow! This very last snow fall we had 2 weeks ago we had around 10 inches. What makes it worse is I still have to go to work no matter what the conditions are. I have had my work schedule messed all up this month due to the snow. Also I live up a nice hill so getting my car up and down it without 4x4 is a little challenging. With this last snow I actually wasn't able to get my car all the way up the hill. So for the first time ever I got a car stuck. Good thing my apt complex has a little pull off a good ways up the hill that you can pull over at so thats where my car spent the night! 
As you can see in the pic above I did a good job of getting almost all the way up but just couldn't handle my tires sliding! Only made 4 payments on this car so not trying to let anything happen to it just yet. Haha But I think we might be finally making a turn for the better. This past week we had a could days in the 60s and even a few in the 70s. I know winter is not over yet but I am sure hoping that it is on its way out the door and the short sleeve weather is on its way in! 

Chloe :) 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick Life Update

Hey everyone,

So this is the time of year when my life goes crazy and I barely have enough time to breathe much less think about anything else! But it is also my favorite time of year because basketball is in full conference mode and softball is starting!! My life is busy but I love it that way and watching both of these teams play is one of my favorite past times!! My basketball team is 9-3 overall and 3-1 in conference play and today is day 2 of softball practice. At this moment I am wondering why I even have an apt because I am only there to shower and sleep. Poor Boris probably thinks I hate him right now because I am never there. My schedule will only pick up and get more crazy as we enter Feb and softball starts their travel schedule. But for now I am ok with being busy because it means I have no time to spend money and that is a very good thing!! 

Chloe :)