Friday, October 14, 2011

The Trouble With My Name

So I have noticed my whole life how people just cant seem to spell or say my name right. My name is Chloe (which all of you know if your are reading this) and I dont think it is a hard name to say or spell! But it is a problem for some people and it makes me laugh. I went to starbucks the other morning to use their free internet again and this is how the guy spelled my name on the cup (pic to right). This is not the correct way to spell my name. Yes this is what my college roommate calls me and she even spells my name this way some times but that is on purpose. Other popular spellings of my name are Chole, Chule, Choloe, Chowe and the list can go on. And yes these are all ways I have seen someone spell my name at one time or another in my life. They are all very laughable but wrong. I used to correct people all the time and I still do when it comes to how to say it but I have given up on the spelling. I mean the spelling has been a problem since birth and I even had to have my name officially changed when I was 15 because my name was spelt wrong on my birth certificate (and yes I blame this on my parents because they were so excited to have me as a child they didnt pay attention to the spelling of my name when they signed it when I was born) haha And the only reason we found out it was spelt wrong is because the guy at the DMV when I went to get my permit made me spell my name Chole on my learning permit. I was a very unhappy 15 year old.  So yes it seems that people have had trouble spelling and saying my name since the day I was born.

Chloe :) 

P.S. Most of my friends call me Chlo and I am totally cool with that because it is a nickname! I am also ok with my best friend Antwan calling me Choole (even though my aunt was not happy at first when he sent me a postcard and spelt it that way) haha So if you have a nickname for me that is some variation great!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall My Favorite Time of Year!

So it has been awhile since I have been able to post a blog and well its because I dont have internet at my moms. So I am sitting in a starbucks right now using their free internet so I thought I should post a blog :) This blog is all about my favorite season. So why is fall my favorite season you might be wondering, Well.....

I love fall because it means its football season!! And well their is lots of football on least 5 days/nights out of 7! So that makes  me one very happy girl!! It  also means cooler weather and i can wear long sleeves! I love the type of weather where I can wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt! I also think another reason why I like this type of weather is because I am no longer hot in my wonderful car that has no AC. haha I also really enjoy watching the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. I think trees are the prettiest in the fall with the red, yellow and orange color leaves all over them! The mountains of NC are the prettiest this time of year and I love just going there and driving around! The state fair is also another reason! It only happens once a year and for 10 days! I used to go for the rides but now i really only go for the food. I mean its the one time of year it is ok to eat lots of fried food and not really get mad at yourself!! HAHA I didnt get the chance to go to the fair last year because I lived in SC and had to work but I am going to make it a point to go this year because they have the BEST roast corn ever there and I just have to have some this year!!

Fall also means EVERYTHING PUMPKIN!!! And let me tell you I love me some pumpkin!! I love the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks (def my fav and I love when fall comes around and I can have it for 3 months). I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pretty much anything pumpkin I love it! I also love carving pumpkins! I think it is so fun to have a pumpkin carving party! I had one last year while I was at Furman with all the Assistant ATCs and it was so much fun! I also love carving pumpkins because it means pumpkin seeds! I dont normally eat seeds of any kinds (yes I was a softball player and I did not eat sunflower seeds, weird I know) but I love pumpkin seeds! So if you couldnt tell pumpkin makes me happy and well I only really get to enjoy everything pumpkin is in the fall!

So now you know the many reason of why I love fall and why it is my favorite season! Their are many more reasons for why I love fall but I will not bore you with anymore! But I am sure some of you learned something new about me from this blog and I hope you enjoyed! So if I am ever mad at you and you are trying to find a way to make it up to me I would say something pumpkin (instead of flowers) might be your best bet haha :)

Hopefully I will be able to post another blog soon, maybe a blog about the state fair once I have gone!! Keep checking back to see whats going on in my life!

Chloe :)

P.S. I'm still on the job hunt so if you know of anything help a girl out :)