Friday, October 12, 2012

Hey Everyone!

So today I had a much needed day off! I had worked 19 straight days and my body and sanity needed this day!! I had a nice todo list that I wanted to get done today and well lets just say I only did 2 of the things on this list! haha so I still havent cleaned out my car or vacuumed it meaning that yes their is still glass in it from when my car got broken into on Aug 1st :) and I still havent gotten my oil changed haha but they were not important things to me today! The most important thing to me was today was a hair cut! I havent had my hair cut since the first week of June and I thought that it was time I needed it and I thought that I deserved it also! For those of you that really know me know that my hair is always long (and yes it is still long) but before I went into the hair salon today my hair was half way down my back if not a little longer and when I walked out it is about an inch or 2 below my shoulders. I think she took like 3-4 inches off and I love it! I talked to her about taking more off but she said no! I laughed and she told me that I had beautiful and that a lot of people would die for and she would not cut it short! Which I am totally ok with because I know I would cry and be totally upset with myself and her if she actually let me do it! I have lots of fun layers in it now, my bangs are back and it just looks so health! I love it! She also showed me that I would actually look really cute if I got real bangs cut (so this might be something I try in the near future to change things up a bit). I also got my nails done today!! I am going on month #2 of not biting! It is so exciting to know that I just broke this habit (at the moment) just because I wanted too. No fake nails needed! I am still working on them being strong and not breaking when they get to a certain length but that will come with time. The longest I have ever gone without biting is 6 months and this time I want to not only break the 6 month mark but I want to break the habit all together!! So those are the 2 things off my todo list that actually got done today :) but I think after the busy schedule I have had that pampering myself and just taking care of me today was much needed and deserved!! Basketball season officially starts for me on Monday so I needed a little me time before it gets into full swing! Next big break I will get is Christmas when I am going to London!! ahhh so far away but I cant wait!! Hope everyone is doing well I will try and find a more interesting topic to write about next time!! Thanks for reading :)

Chloe :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life Update

Hey everyone, So my life is starting to get really crazy now! All 3 of my sports are practicing and in a little over a week basketball will be in full swing. Basketball practice starts Oct 15, Softball started their fall season last week and they play their first game this weekend and cheerleading has been going strong for the last month and a half. I put together my calendar for the month of Oct, highlighted all my practices and games (each team has their own color as always) and well I do not actually have a day off the whole month. Some how i ended up with teams that do not have the same off days so I am working all 31 days of the month (as of right now). Thankfully my coworkers dont want me to kill myself so tomorrow at our staff meeting we are going to figure out a day or 2 this month that I can have fully off. I mean I do not mind not having a day off because I like all of my teams and I feel like the only way I am going to build trust and a relationship with them is if I am always around and they know I care and am here for them. But I guess if they give me a day I should take it so I can at least get my laundry done and stuff like that. haha I am hoping that even though my life is getting very busy and crazy that some of my friends will finally come and visit me and see this new place that I live! Their are def things around here that I would love to go and do and it would be great if I could do it with some of my best friends! So friends that are reading this please lets make some plans so I can show you around my new place!! Ok well I just wanted to catch everyone up on my life and why I have been MIA and not blogging very much. Hopefully I will be able to find time again sometime soon to let you know how life is going here in the mountains of TN! Thanks for reading and keep checking back to see what is going on in my crazy, busy, hectic life!! 

Chloe :)