Sunday, April 28, 2013


One week from today I officially say goodbye to my 20's and hello to my 30's. I really have no idea where the time has gone! But I am very excited to spend my 30th birthday in Florida with some of my favorite people! I fly to Florida Friday night to work the summit and I fly back Tuesday morning. Even though I will be working on my birthday I will be in great company with great people so I am ok with it! Plus I have Monday to play in Florida and hangout with some of my best friends. So I know no matter what we do it will be an amazing birthday!! 

Chloe :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Year One Coming To An End

Well softball season has come to an end meaning year one at King is also coming to an end. I just have to say that I really loved working with softball this year and this team. They are such a great group of girls with 2 great coaches! I have had so much fun getting to know them and they have welcomed me into their family with open arms. I cant believe that as of spring break we were 12-20 and finished the season 31-26. We went 17-6 in our last 23 games and finished the season as regular season champs in Conference Carolinas! I am so proud of this team and how far they have come this season. They really played their hearts out in the conference tournament but it just wasnt meant to be. Losing a game by one in the 12th inning and losing another by 2 in the 10th inning is really hard and emotional. But I know this team will bounce back so strong and I cant wait to season what next season has in store for them! So thank you for welcoming the new girl into your family with open arms and I am so proud to be your Athletic Trainer!!

I can honestly say I have learned a lot about myself this year! I learned how to handle stress while keeping a smile on my face and that I have way more confidence in what I do then I ever thought I did. I also learned that I really love what I do and working with these athletes and I will not let anyone take that away from me no matter how hard they might try! This year was not easy for me moving from a big city to a small town but I feel like it has helped me grow so much as a person. I am so sad to see my first group of seniors go but so happy with the moments and memories I got with them this year! 

Now bring on having a little bit of a life for the next couple of months, free time, relaxation (well somewhat) and just enjoying having my weekends back!! 

Chloe :) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

iPad Mini

So last week I finally broke down after about a year of talking about it and looking and bought an iPad Mini. I am so excited about my new toy! I bought it from AT&T because it was cheaper and I got a service plan with it since I travel so much so I can always use it! For the first week I did not have a case for it (because I am picky and couldnt find anything in the store that I liked so had to order it online) and carried it around in the box and even when I used it I left it in the box. I know such a nerd but didnt want to take any chances and mess it up! But Monday my case arrived in the mail and it is now safely in its home! I can say that I am in love and love my new toy! Dont have much uploaded on it yet (still learning and figuring out what to put on it) but love that I can put books on it and movies!! It is def going to be nice having it this summer when I am traveling!! I guess you can say this is my present to myself for getting a job and my Happy 30th Birthday present to myself also :) So if you have any good apps that you think I should download make sure you pass them my way (just know I really only like things that are free) haha 

Chloe :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Almost 30

ONE MONTH FROM TODAY I TURN 30!! I cannot believe I turn 30 in one month. Where in the world have my 20's gone? I feel like just yesterday I turned 21 or 25 or even 28 when I started this blog. I feel like my 20's have flown by, even though they really haven't. I wasn't sure if I was ready to leave my 20's behind and enter my 30's but I think I will be in a month. I know that May 6th (the day after I turn 30) will feel no different than May 4th (the last day I am 29) but I think its just the thought of turning 30. When I was 19 about to turn 20 it was exciting because I was leaving my teenage years behind and everyone is always ready to no longer be a teenager when they are 19 plus it puts you one year away from being able to legally drink. But I think turning 30 makes me realize that I am really a grown up now and their is no turning back. My life is not what I expected it to be 10 years ago when I thought about where I would be when I turn 30 but that is okay! So here's to my last month of being 20 and being ready to embrace 30 head on and whatever exciting experiences another decade and being in my 30's brings me! 

Chloe :)