Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Going to HAWAII!!!

So tonight I got some amazing news!! I got a call from Karen (she is the one that makes our camp schedules for the summer). She wanted to see how my summer had been going and asked me if I wanted a change in my schedule. Of course I said yes thinking that maybe she was going to send me somewhere....but never in a million years did I think she was going to ask me if I wanted to go to HAWAII!!! Yes HAWAII to work a camp!! I was so excited I think I said "shut up" like 10 times and then of course I said YES!! (I would be the dumbest person alive if I said no!!) After I am done in Hawaii I will be spending 2 weeks in Cali working camps! I am so excited I cant even remember both camps she told me I would be working in Cali...haha :) So I will be leaving Raleigh on July 13 and heading west! I will not get to Hawaii till the 14th because i will be spending the night in Cali on the 13th but I am totally ok with that! I called my mom to tell her and I think she might have started crying she was so excited for me. Then she starts telling me all the things I need to do while I am out there (I think she forgot that i was going out there to work not for pleasure) But I told her that once I get home from camp we can sit down and talk about it and I will try and do as much as I have time for. I am just so excited that I can finally say I am going to Hawaii and I really hope when i step off the plane I am greeted by a person her puts a lei around my neck! I am so excited and I just cant wait!! I will make sure to take lots of pictures so I can post them on here for everyone to see!! 

Well its off to bed now because tomorrow starts day 2 at my camp! So I need to be rested...that is if I can contain my excitement long enough to get some sleep!!  But keep checking back to see what I am going to be doing next!

Chloe :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Selassie's Married!!!!

So this past Saturday my good friend Selassie finally got married. I am sure some are you are wondering why I say finally. Well he is just one of those friends that I never thought would get married. But he met his match 2 years ago in Angie and she changed everything! I was so excited for this wedding because I was going to get some of my closest UCA friends that I had not seen in a year! And I was actually going to witness Selassie say I do!! 

They held their wedding in their backyard and it was so pretty the way they had it set up. But it would not have been Selassies wedding without a little bit of drama! Right as they were walking out some pretty nasty looking clouds started rolling in and lets just say it was not expected since it had been sunny and hot all day! About the time the preacher started talking their was a flash of lightening, then it started raining. It started slowly and then the bottom just fell out! So everyone ran inside and they got married in their living room! It was such a fun ceremony and it just would not have been the right wedding for Selassie if something like this hadnt happen! 

After the wedding we all went to Studio B in Greensboro for the reception. It was so much fun! They had all these pictures around the reception of them when they were young, their family and friends! I was very excited to see that I made the wall twice! We had so much fun just hanging out, dancing and catching up all while enjoying the day and celebrating Selassie and Angie being married! 

I had a great day at the wedding and I loved seeing friends that I havent seen in a long while! I am so happy for Selassie and Angie and wish them nothing but happiness! Enjoy some other pics from the wedding!!

Chloe :)
Getting married in the living room

Introducing Mr and Mrs Amana



Reunited with Kyisha!

So Cute!

Selassie is married!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Day As A Country Girl

Sunday was a very fun filled day for me! I finally got the chance to go visit Erin and see the farm since they first got the horses last year! It was very fun and the farm looked completely different! I am not a farm/country girl so I didnt even know what I needed to wear to the farm! I had to text Erin and ask her which made me think I was in for a very interesting day! Erin and I took lunch to the farm and all of the animals wanted to come and say hello (well I'm not sure if they wanted to say hello to us or if they wanted our food)! But it was very funny see these horses standing right over me while i tried to eat (being that these horses did not really come right up to anyone the last time I was at the farm). I also had the chance to help Erin give her horse Cleo a bath. That was a process but Cleo was so pretty and shinny when all was said and done! Towards the end of the afternoon we had gone to get some pics developed and noticed a storm was coming in so Erin and I went back to the farm and got all the moms and babies in their stalls (James horse Louie did not want to go in his stall and well it was a process getting him in there and I had to try not to get kicked by him the whole time). But it was fun to learn about the feedings and why who got what and so fourth! I really learned a lot at the farm today and enjoyed my time there! Hopefully I will be making a trip back soon!!

Another fun thing about Sunday is the fact that I got to meet all of Erins baby chicks! Yes the girl that not a year ago was this big city girl from Indy has now turned into a full on Farm girl from Davie County and has chickens :) she can not wait for them to get bigger so she can put them in their chicken coop and eat their eggs! They are very cute and its really funny watching them run around after flies! Ready for them to get bigger and for the coop to be finished because I just want to watch Erin interact with these chickens!! 

But I def enjoyed my time at the farm and I am so glad all the horses are doing so well now! The babies are very cute and I hope that once I get the chance to go back again I will actually be able to ride one!! Enjoy a few pics I took during my adventure today!

Chloe :)
The new barn

A bunch of the horses up for a drink of water

Out in the pasture

Yes they even have a donkey..Gilbert

The baby chicks!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Introducing Baby Preston
Today was a very exciting day! My bestest finally had her baby and the world was finally able to meet Mr. Preston. But as exciting as it was to meet him today the process of him arriving was a long one! Cerissa chose to be induced because her husband James is in the military and he has to go to a training on the 21st of this month and they wanted to have time to be together as a family for awhile before he left. So on Thursday night at about 8:30 she got the call that she could come to the hospital and start the process. They let me know at 11:30pm that they were in a room and would keep me posted on how things were going. I was hoping that when I woke up in the morning that he would either have arrived or be very close. But when I text James to see how things were going at 7:30am she was only 4cm dilated and that they were in for the long haul. I was going to go straight to the hospital as soon as I got into town but the process was going so slowly Cerissa just told me to stay at home. Little did I know that the process really was going to take awhile because baby Preston did not arrive until 12:51am this morning. Yes that means that my bestest was in labor for 27 hours before he finally decided he was ready to come into this world.

But that leads me to today! I got the phone call from James at about 1:40 this morning that Preston was finally here and Cerissa sent me a pic of him at about 4am. I finally got to meet him at noon today and boy was I excited! I spent 3 hours at the hospital with Cerissa, James and Preston and I loved every min of it! At one point I was holding Preston and he was hungry. Well he started trying to suck at my skin and I had to break it to him that I was not going to be able to feed him...haha but he did leave a nice little wet spot on my shirt from where he sure was trying! But this adorable little boy has a head full of red hair and is so cute! I could hold him all day without a care in the world because he is just the cutest/sweetest little thing. The only time he cried today was when he was hungry, cold or having his diaper change. All things any person that was taken from their nice warm, comfortable home would cry about also! 

But he is just such a wonderful bundle of joy and I can not wait to spend time with him and my bestest again. That means Tuesday is going to be a fun day since I am going to be with them since James is going back to work! So today was a very exciting day for me and I now have a wonderful new nephew!! Hope you enjoy a few more pics from my visit today and keep checking back to see what fun things will happen next!

Chloe :)
Me with the new love of my life!

My Bestest, Preston and I

Mama and Baby!

Look at his red hair

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camp #1 of the Summer

Well my first camp of the summer has come to an end! Out of the 7 summers I have now worked for Varisty this was my 5 summer that I started my summer off working the SCISA camp. This camp is always so much fun to work because I love going to PC and seeing Laurie!! Its always nice to work with a university contact that you know really well and is always around for you at camp! One of the best parts about working this camp at PC is the chocolate pizza that we get every night at camp! It might be the best chocolate pizza I have ever had and I think it might be the second big reason I want to go back and work this camp year after year!! 

This year at camp we are doing a beach bash. On the 2nd night of camp, after dinner, everyone comes back dressed ready for a party at the beach. It is so much fun because even the staff can change out of their daily uniform and join in the fun! I played only beach music after dinner to make sure the mood was set for the beach bash! Everything the staff performs is to beach music and the kids just loved it! I think this might be my favorite pep rally out of the 7 years I have worked! 

Also every year I work this camp I get the chance to see Ms. Lindi! She is the head lady with the SCISA schools! It is so fun to see her because she always has such fun stories to tell and she is very funny! She is so nice and she always gives me some type of present at the end of camp every year thanking me for working! This year I once again got a Sonic gift card which means I can get as many lemonberry slushies as I want for the rest of the summer!! So thank you Ms. Lindi very much! 

So my first camp of the summer is over and I had a blast and met some great new friends! Now I am getting ready for my Best Friend to have  her baby so be ready for my next post to be all about baby Preston!!

Chloe :)

Redshirts getting ready for the beach bash

SCISA staff ready for the beach bash

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work Week 2011

So for the 4th year in a row I got the chance to spend my Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Charleston SC working SE Cheer Work Week!!! This is one of my most favorite times of the year and such a great way to start my summer off on an amazing note!! I enjoy going down to Charleston so much because I always get the chance to meet some wonderful new people but most importantly I get the chance to see some of my most favorite people in the world that I dont get to see often enough!! 

I spent 5 fun filled days in Charleston and got the chance to work with one of my wonderful friends Nicole!! I do not get to see her very often so the fact that we got to spend these 5 days together was so much fun!! We spent our days watching the wonderful SE UCA Staff getting ready to start teaching camps this summer and making airport runs and our nights hanging out and enjoying our time with some great old and new UCA friends! The nights were also filled with a few free nights to enjoy all the wonderful things Charlestons has to offer, one night was awards night (where I got my 7 years on staff watch!!) and the final night we had an 80s party where Fly By radio performed! If you have not ever heard of them they are this amazing 80s band!! They rock and I really enjoy watching them play!!  

I really enjoyed my time in Charleston, the people I got to spend time with and I sure hope I am lucky enough to have the chance to go again next year for year #5!!! Here are a few pics to give you a little taste of the fun I had!! Hope you enjoy and dont forget to keep checking back to see what crazyness I get into next!!

Chloe :)
Redshirt Ladies at the awards banquet dressed to impress!
Nicole and I at the awards banquet
Redshirt ladies dressed and ready to enjoy the 80s party
My SBFF at the 80s party
Some Favs on the dinner boat cruise our first night in Charleston

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My First Blog

Hey Everyone! So I thought it would be fun to start a blog to document my road to 30. I know I still have 2 years before this event will happen but so much is going on and changing in my life right now I thought it would be fun to start this blog a year earlier! 

Right now I am in the process of searching for a job and 2 months from now I have no idea where in the U.S. I will be living. So for now I am living out of my car and at my moms house. I have applied to jobs in about 6 different states and in different areas of the country. I hate cold weather but I seem to have applied to more northern/midwest jobs then anywhere else. Keep your fingers crossed for me in hopes that by Aug I will have a full time job and a new place to call home!

But while I wait for a new job to come my way I will be spending my summer working cheerleading and dance camps! Everyone knows that I have been working these camps for the past 7 summers and I have loved every min of it! This year I received a watch for being on staff for 7 years and it is one heck of a watch! I have made so many memories and great friends and I cant wait to see what fun this summer has in store for me!

It is def going to be a long, fun, stressful and interesting summer for me! So keep checking back so you can see what crazyness I will be getting myself into next!

Chloe :)