Monday, July 25, 2011

Funny Video!!

So some of you may know Momma Karen and others may not. But she is one of my favorite people in the whole world and she always brings a smile to my face! I got the chance to work a camp with her out here in Cali this past week and I thought I would share with you her just being herself!! It is def a hilarious video and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!! 

Chloe :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Trip to Hawaii!!

So as my last post stated I was asked to go to Hawaii to work a camp! Well I have been back from Hawaii for 6 days now and just having a chance to really sit down and write a blog about. So where do I start?

Well let me start by saying Hawaii was AMAZING!!! It was so beautiful and I just loved the drive from our hotel to the school everyday! So about my trip itself, The first day I landed in Hawaii at about 11:30am (which was 5:30pm east coast time), I texted my ride and she let me know that as soon as I arrived at the hotel we were going to the beach! I was very excited but also tired from my 6 hour flight, but I was ready. I had just enough to change clothes and off to the beach we went! It was so nice to just lay on the beach and just enjoy the scenery! The waves were really rough so I didnt get in the water but it was still just so exciting to be there! We only stayed for about an hour and a half because we had a 45min drive to the other end of the island to attend a Luau that night!! It was so much fun! The luau had so many things for you to do. I made a head piece, bought some gifts, took an amazing pic of the sun setting (its the pic at the top) , ate some great food and just loved being in a place I had never been in before! I def took everything in that I could that night!

The real reason I went to Hawaii was not to play around and enjoy the beautiful scenery but I was there to work a camp. The camp was a 3 day commuter camp so camp started at 9am and ended at 6pm every night. This camp was def a camp to remember. The campers were the nicest campers I have ever worked with! I had never heard the work thank you so much in my life as I did from these kids! Just so polite and so much fun to be around! But the other good thing about this camp was, since we got out at 6pm every night I got the chance to enjoy some things about Hawaii. I went to the international market one night and I really think I could have spent hours in that place. Its just a little market where you can get lots of little gifts to take home but its just so big and their is so much to look at. I ate at Duke's one night. It was a very fun restaurant and we sat outside right on the beach. It was so peaceful to just listen to the waves beat against the shore as I ate! I can officially say that this was def the best camp I have EVER worked and it was a once in a life time experience that I will remember for ever and I am so thankful to Varsity for giving me the chance to go!

So once camp was over all the cheer staff left on that Sunday while I wasnt leaving till the next day. So I made plans with my friend Princess (she used to work on UCA staff in NC before she got married and moved to Hawaii) to go to Pearl Harbor on Monday morning before I left. On Monday morning Princess took me to this little Hawaiian diner for breakfast (I asked her to take me somewhere I couldnt go at home) before we headed off to Pearl Harbor! It was very good and the outfits the women wore were so funny! Wish I would have taken a pic so you could all see how funny they were!! So Pearl Harbor was so amazing! I really enjoyed getting the chance to visit that place and learn more about that day. They have done some updating and remodeling to the memorial (the land one not the one over the actual ship) and it really helps you understand the time table leading up to the Dec 7, 1941. I did not have time to take the boat out to the memorial over the ship. I really wish I would have had that chance but I had to get to the airport to catch my flight back to Cali. I do know that I will be making a trip back one day because their were so many things that I did not get to do!

I had such an amazing time and I cant wait to go back again!! Enjoy all my pics and keep checking back because I have lots of things to catch you guys up on!

Chloe :)