Saturday, March 23, 2013


So if you cant see your best friends all the time the next best thing is snapchat. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, its a app that allows you to take a quick pic of yourself or something, give a short message and send it to your friends. The fun this about it is your friends can only look at the pic for 10sec or less and then it disappears forever. I love it because I can send ridiculous pictures of myself to my friends and no one else will ever see it but them!! I do it with the "mean girls" aka 2 of my very best friends like multiple times a day. We love send silly pics of ourselves and what we are doing just to pass the time and act like we are with each other! Sometimes we snap chat more during the day with each other then we text. Like we have full blown conversations through snap chat some days. haha But I love that I can send silly pics of myself to them and they in return send me silly pics and we just have fun with each other! So if you get snapchat and you want to enjoy in my ridiculousness then add me and we can be silly together!! 

Chloe :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Boring Life Update

Hey everyone,

So I have fallen way behind on blogging lately. My life has been so crazy but it is finally settling down just a tiny bit. This past week my basketball season ended. I was very sad to see this season come to an end because I really came to enjoy and love this team! They have made my first year here at King so amazing! I have developed some amazing relationships from this team and I have been able to see some athletes grow as well! I sure am going to miss the seniors from this team!! They deferentially made this year interesting and all have such great personalities. I am not real sure what next year will be like without them! 

Now my focus is all on Softball. We just started conference play yesterday. So my season is really just getting really into full swing! This team is so much fun and they have fully embraced me! I cant wait to see how this season plays out! They won the conference tourney last year in their first full season in Conference Carolinas and NCAA and made it to the NCAA regional tourney and I am hoping to make my first trip this year!! Today was the first day it has been real warm this season and i cant wait for it to get better so I can work on my "tan". (those of you that really know me know I dont really tan) haha 

Lastly I am 2 months away from saying goodbye to my 20's and hello to my 30's. I cant believe how close it is. I dont feel like I am almost 30 and all of my athletes and students think I am like 24 or 25. (which i know is a good thing that I look way younger than I am) But I am ready to embrace my 30's and whatever God brings me in the next decade of my life!! 

So that is a brief update on my life and where I am. I will try my hardest to blog more but my life is pretty boring right. My life consist of work, practice, games, teaching and sleep. I am pretty sure my kitties wish I was around more than I am. But if something interesting happens I will make sure I fill you guys in! 

Chloe :)