Sunday, February 23, 2014


So this winter I have seen more than enough snow! This very last snow fall we had 2 weeks ago we had around 10 inches. What makes it worse is I still have to go to work no matter what the conditions are. I have had my work schedule messed all up this month due to the snow. Also I live up a nice hill so getting my car up and down it without 4x4 is a little challenging. With this last snow I actually wasn't able to get my car all the way up the hill. So for the first time ever I got a car stuck. Good thing my apt complex has a little pull off a good ways up the hill that you can pull over at so thats where my car spent the night! 
As you can see in the pic above I did a good job of getting almost all the way up but just couldn't handle my tires sliding! Only made 4 payments on this car so not trying to let anything happen to it just yet. Haha But I think we might be finally making a turn for the better. This past week we had a could days in the 60s and even a few in the 70s. I know winter is not over yet but I am sure hoping that it is on its way out the door and the short sleeve weather is on its way in! 

Chloe :)