Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Camps

Well June is coming to an end and I have worked 5 camps in 3 different states so far! I started my summer off in SC working SCISA camp, then headed to Auburn for a camp and just finished the month off with 3 straight camps at Tennessee! I have had such a good summer so far! Tennessee was a lot of work (since I am heading all these camps this summer), I didnt get a lot of sleep but I made some great new friends and had a lot of fun! If I thought that the month of June was tiring I am in for a rude awakening because July is going to be longer with no days off!! But it will be worth it to spend time with some great friends, making memories and money!! I love my job and being able to be with people I love doing something I love!!  Hope everyone else is having a great summer so far! Enjoy a few pic that I have taken so far this summer!!

Chloe :)

P.S. At camp every summer we have a pep rally and this summer the pep rally is summer splash. That is why almost all my pics are in pool/beach gear! I def have a lot of fun at camp with the summer splash and like to get into it so the campers see that I am enjoying myself at camp just like them and the rest of the staff!!! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wilmington for Prestons 1st Birthday


This past weekend I went to Wilmington to hangout with my Bestest and visit with the cutest little redhead in the whole wide world, P Man!! I was very happy to go and see them this weekend but more excited because P Man turned 1 today! I was so excited to give Preston his birthday presents and just love on him! I was also excited to see my Bestest since I hadnt seen her since Feb when they moved to Wilmington. I arrived Friday night and we just hung out at her house and ate some crab legs for dinner. Sat we went out and about in Wilmington. We went to toys-r-us and I bought P Man the 2nd part of his birthday present. It is a train he can push and ride and it teaches him his abcs. It is so cute and he loves it already!!

 I had to leave yesterday morning to drive to Atlanta for the night. I am off to Auburn today for my 2nd camp of the summer. My visit was way to short but I am so glad I got to see them both and wish P Man a Happy Birthday in person!! I miss them like crazy already but I am going to make it a point to go back and visit very soon and not let it be 4 months before I see them again!! I hope you enjoy some of my pics I took this weekend!! Now off to Auburn!! Until next time!

Chloe :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Call Me Maybe Video

This past week I worked SCISA....my first camp of the summer! This was my 6th year working this camp and it is normally my first of the summer! I really enjoy working this camp, the campers are so much fun and full of energy the whole 4 days and the coaches are so nice. I also enjoy this camp because it is at PC and I always get to spend a few days with Laurie and her kids (cant believe jay is 15 and Carolina is 13). When I first met Laurie they were 7 and 5. So yes I really enjoy coming back to this camp year after year!! So this year we all know the Call Me Maybe song is very popular and the Harvard Baseball team has made it even more popular with their YouTube video. Well on the first day of camp I played that song and well lets just say the girls have watched a little to much YouTube :) So we had the bright idea of videoing the whole camp doing that song. Well it turned out great and the campers and coaches loved it so I thought I would share it with all of you!

So my first camp of the summer is in the books. I had a great time and worked with a great staff!! I hope you guys enjoy the video of the campers doing their best version of Call Me Maybe!! Until next time!

Chloe :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let Camps Begin

So almost 2 weeks ago my summer full of camps began. I started my summer off working at SE Cheer Work Week! That was such a fun week and a great way to start my summer! I got to spend lots of time with some of my favorite UCA staff members and just enjoy having a easy time getting ready for summer. I sadly did not really take any pic during work week for some reason so I dont really have anything to share on that end :( but know that I had a lot of fun and I really have enjoyed working this the past 5 years!

Next stop was Lake Geneva, WI for VCA vet training. I couldn't attend the training session in my own region due to the MAATA conference so I got the chance to go up to WI for 24hrs. Yes you heard that right, I flew out on Sat at 6am and landed back in Raleigh at 10pm on Sunday. So I did not get to spend lots of time there but it was so nice to see some VCA and UCA friends that I do not get the chance to see very often! I also got the chance to make some new friends and meet some NCA people that I will be working with this summer. This small amount of time in WI made me every excited for the summer and to get camps started!!

The only bad thing about this 24hr trip is the fact that Sunday was reporting day for my first camp. I landed at 10pm on Sunday, slept for about 4hrs and got up at 4:30am to drive to Clinton, SC for my first camp of the summer. I had to leave so early because I am heading the camp and wanted to arrive before registration started. I am very weird about my balance sheets (for those that dont know what that is, it is just the payment sheet that coaches have to sign agreeing to make payment) so I had to be there before it started. haha So thats where things are with me right now. I have had a very fun and exciting last 2 weeks and the summer is just getting started!!

So heres to a great summer of great camps with some great staff!! 

Chloe :)