Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bestie is Moving to Tennessee

So I am so excited about my Bestie (Katie) moving from Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN I thought I needed to blog about it! Katie and I have been friends since 2007. We met through Varsity at Disney world working nationals. Lets just say the first time we ever met each other is a very funny story but I will not share it on here, I will just say it involved a very fun night at the Allstar resort and I did not remember meeting her the next day. So I am pretty sure she thought I was nuts and did not think she would ever really talk to me but little did we both know that almost 6 years later we would be best friends and finally living in the same state. This past winter was the first time I had seen Katie in like 4 years but we talked and texted all the time and made sure that we kept up with each others lives! I can honestly say that she is one of those people that no matter how often we see each other or even talk it just seems like we pick right back up where we left off when we finally do! She is really one of my very best friends, knows just what to say to me in any situation (weather I really want to hear it or not) and I know she is always there for me! So as of tomorrow we will both live in Tennessee which makes me very excited (even though we will still be separated by 7hours) I live on the very eastern point of Tennessee almost in VA and she lives in the most Western point of TN almost in AR. But we are way closer than Durham, NC and Dallas, TX how we have been for the past 5 years! So congrats Katie on your new job at Varsity and this new chapter in your life! I cant wait to come visit and for you to come visit me! We will no longer see each other every few years! Hopefully we will be seeing each other every few months now!! 

Chloe :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Fun

So this past weekend I ventured out into this new place that I live. I started my Sat at the Application County Fair. Heading out to the fair I just knew this was going to be a totally different experience then the state fair in NC. And well I was not disappointed. I do not believe I have ever been in one place with so many women that did not have a bra on (and most of these women without bras were very well endowed) and should have had a bra on. So that was the first big difference I noticed (sorry no pics). It was also very small but that is to be expected for a county fair vs a state fair. Another difference was the fact that the fair was right next to a cemetery. Now that was something very new to me because you can not see a cemetery from the top of the farris wheel in Raleigh. But I had a fun time at the fair! Even road a mechanical bull for the first and it was fun! After the fair on Sat I went to B's lingerie party. I got to meet some new people and celebrate B wedding a little! I def had a great sat and enjoyed venturing out a little and trying to learn a little more about my new home! I still have a lot to learn about this area and how to get around but I am starting to enjoy it here and enjoying the change from big city life to little cities and some country living. I still miss NC very much and miss Big City life! I will always be a big city girl at heart and I will ALWAYS be a NC girl! But life in this new place is starting out great and I am ready to see what other type of adventures are in store for me here! So everyone come and visit and do some exploring with me!! Below is the start to finish of my bull ride. Hope you enjoy!!

Chloe :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shark Week

Hey Everyone!!

Bruce the shark (my dads name was Bruce)
ITS SHARK WEEK!! So yes I am one of those people that loves shark week and I watch the Discovery channel all week! I am deathly scared of sharks and do not get in the ocean very often because I am always paranoid that I will get bit by one but I just cant stop watching! Haha yes I am so weird and such a nerd (as Antwan called me earlier today) but their is just something about Shark Week and learning about them that I just love. Maybe I am secretly hoping that if I learn enough about them I can avoid ever getting bit by one when I am in the ocean. LOL But really I think my whole fascination started with my daddy (who loved all the Jaws movies) and watched them all the time which gave me somewhat of an interest in them :) Anyway just thought I would share my love for this week with you and a few pics!
They can jump way out of the water!
Dont Think I could ever swim with sharks!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

iPad Fun

This is what happens when you give an iPad to me while hanging out at camp. I had a great time this summer and I know Orry is going to love looking back at all these amazing pics I took and saved for him on his iPad!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

All Moved

Hey Everyone, So this past Sat I officially pick up my life and moved to Kingsport, TN. Now this is not the first time I have moved away from home but this time I will not be moving back in a year or so like I have before. This is a more permit move for me. If you didnt read my earlier post I accepted a job at King College in Bristol, TN and I started work on Tuesday! So far I have really enjoyed being here. I am living about 30 miles (45min) away from work. It is a little bit of a drive everyday but I really like my apartment and Kingsport. I also like the fact that a friend of mine, B, lives in the same apartment  complex so I know someone here and I like that! This is such a big life step/change for me but I am so excited about it. Today I got internet and cable so I no longer feel disconnected from the world! The worst part about the last 5 days is I havent been able to watch the Olympics at all or FaceTime with people. But now I am connected again and everything is perfect :)

I can say that unpack some of my boxes has been really fun. I brought pretty much everything of mine that was in storage and let me just say I have found things i forgot I had. I have also loved finding all these pics from undergrad! I have now created a keep sake box that has lots of pics, cards and other little things that i had packed away in boxes and pretty much forgotten about. Below are a couple pics I found in the boxes that have brought back some memories!! I guess finding things like this are one of the fun things about moving and unpacking!! 

Well I just wanted to catch you all up on how things are going so far with me in my new city and state! Once I get fully settled and no longer have boxes and clothes laying all over my house I will take some pics so you can see my little home! I hope to have it done soon because the clutter is driving me a little bit crazy! So if anyone would like to come spend a weekend with me and help me decorate I would love that! I will def need another eye when it comes to hanging pics and such! So please everyone come and visit because I love company and will love for you guys to come and visit!!

Chloe :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

End of Summer

Well a week ago today I finished my last camp of the summer! I had such an amazing summer and I want to thank everyone that helped make it so amazing! I spent 90% of my summer heading all the camps at UT (Tennessee for those that dont know which UT I'm talking about). I went in knowing that I had some tough shoes to live up to (because Nicole was such an amazing HCM and did a great job with the UT camps) but I wanted to live up to them while making those camps my own. I do believe that in the end I was able to do that! It was tough at times and I struggled some but I really think I lived up to what everyone was hoping I would! I met some great new friends this summer while forming strong bonds with people I already knew! I just want to thank Varsity for everything this summer and also for giving me the chance to grow and learn more about myself then I thought I could do in one summer! I am so sad to see this summer end but I know that I have lots of wonderful things to look forward to!!! Like starting my Job (which I did yesterday but that is for another post)!! Below I will share a few more pics from the summer just to catch you up on things that have gone on since my last post! Hope you guys are having a great Wed and once I get internet at my apartment tomorrow night I promise to update you on the job and things like that!! 

Chloe :) 

P.S. I will say the one neg thing that happened to me this summer happened on my last night of camp at UT. Someone broke into my car and stole my favorite purse :( Good thing I had my wallet on me so they did not get any money! Sadly they got my brand new Coach sunglasses that I had bought for myself as a birthday gift but at least those are just a material item and can be replaced! Other than that as my parting gift I had a great summer in Knoxville!!